First Day at Robinwood!

First Day at Robinwood!

After a short coach journey, Year 5 arrived in Todmorden car park ready to go. We followed the canal, crossed over the train track and climbed a hill (or maybe a mountain), before arriving at Dobroyd Castle.  We found our rooms, had a quick lunch and set off for our first activities…

Mr Trier’s group:

We completed the nightline (a blindfolded obstacle course), learned to kayak on a lake, built and tested rafts, and even went caving!  We had a fantastic time and can’t wait for tomorrow!

Mrs Schofield’s and Mr Donaghy’s groups.

First, we encountered the giant swing and had lots of fun watching each other’s faces as we flew through the air. Next, we entered the piranha pool where we had to navigate our way across dangerous waters – team skills were needed as we all completed the challenge. Our third activity was the knights quest which was full of problems and puzzles. To finish our activities we became Robin Hood or Maid Marion, testing our skills as archers.

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