School Council Visit London

School Council Visit London

It seems like a such a long time ago but in September the school council visited the Houses of Parliament in London.

It was an early start. We took an early train from Manchester Piccadilly train station to London Euston. Luckily, a kind man at the train station gave us lots of cereal bars to keep us from getting hungry on the journey.

When we got to London, we quickly took a tube to Hyde park where we ate our lunch.

After that, we marched to Buckingham Palace on route to the Houses of Parliament. It was boiling!

When we arrived at the Houses of Parliament, we met our MP,Kate Green, and asked her lots of interesting questions about what it was like to be an MP. We had a tour of the Houses off Parliament and got to watch the Commons and Lords debate different issues.

After a jam packed day, we headed back to the train station via Mcdonalds!

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